Hurricane Laura Information

The National Weather Service is projecting a category 3 hurricane, Laura, to make landfall sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday along the Texas coast between Freeport and the Texas-Louisiana border.
Based on these projections, we urge all residents to secure any loose items; bring garbage cans in off the street; clear any drains on or near your property of trash can lids, floating bags, grass clippings, limbs, and leaves; and move cars to higher ground in order to try and prevent storm drains from getting clogged and vehicles/property from being damaged.

For additional information and future updates, please visit the National Weather Service.

For Hurricane Preparedness resources, please visit www.mdswater.com/hurricane-preparedness.

Welcome to the Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District#5

The District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, operating pursuant to Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code.  The District was created December 3, 1974 and currently encompasses approximately 2,642 acres of land, including 20 sub-divisions, and over 7,000 residences. 

Northwest Harris County MUD No. 5 is committed to reducing water waste and to reducing demands on our water distribution system.

Please see the Water Usage Flyer for more information.


An Update from NWHC MUD 5 operator, MDS, on COVID-19

Trails System Updates:

Trail System construction has begun!

The 5.4-mile trail system has started construction!  Beginning at The Settlement of Cypress Creek at Telge and Spring Cypress they are now working on completing the loop around the detention pond. The Trail will then head along the bayou to Louetta Road.   The trail will then primarily run along the pipeline all the way to Fulkey Gulley. There will be a bridge over Fulkey Gulley as well as a trail south along the Gulley to Spring Cypress Road where there will be an underpass below the road.  This phase of the Trail system will connect with 10 of the 21 NWHC MUD 5 subdivisions. This Trail should be completed by the first half of 2021.  See the trail map in the NEWS tab.


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