Coronavirus: Toilet paper panic trickle-down effect

Please do NOT flush wet wipes, tissue or heavy paper towels

Experts are warning that the panic run on toilet paper could lead to much bigger waste problems than we realize.

With toilet paper in short supply due to the panic buying in response to COVID-19, some researchers warn there’s a risk that toilet paper alternatives such as wet wipes, tissue, napkins and paper towels may lead to another major “monster” waste issues in YOUR sewer houseline and the District’s collection system!

With supermarket shelves wiped bare of toilet paper, water infrastructure experts fear that the use of toilet paper alternatives such as wet wipes, napkins and thicker paper could lead to major blockages in our water and sewage systems.

Some water utilities have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars removing wet wipes from the collection systems, lift pumps and at sewage treatment plants. These products can create blockages of fat, sanitary items and wet wipes that block pipes and pumps and cause an added expense to remove.

Please do not flush wet wipes or heavy paper towels and properly dispose of them by throwing them in the trash.

Defined Irrigation Schedule and Water Use Policy

Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District No.5 (the“District”) has adopted a Defined Irrigation Schedule and Water Use Policy for residents of the District. This policy is intended to reduce irrigation during certain times of the day to reduce “peak” usage while providing customers with adequate water for landscaping. Irrigation is recommended only three days per week.

Residential Irrigation Schedule

Recommended Schedule

Even Addresses (Ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8): Monday, Wednesday, or Friday

Odd Addresses (Ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9): Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday


Northwest Harris County MUD No. 5 has upgraded to SMART water meters with cellular communication capabilities. Learn how to sign up and gain access to your water usage by visiting:

  • Secure access to your personal water usage data
  • Greater control of how much water you use (and pay for) by reviewing your personal water usage
  • Set up alerts to notify you when you may have a leak
  • Data available via web browser or phone app

PDF document of this notice – Irrigation Schedule and Eye On Water Sign Up Flyer