Our Water System is Smarter!


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NW MUD 5 has installed and retrofitted all of its existing meters to “Smart Meters” using cell phone technology with daily updates of water usage.  The new “Eye on Water” app will allow the District and customers to monitor daily usage, save water, and receive notifications of excessive water usage based on the customer defined parameters. The notification could indicate a broken pipe, irrigation system malfunction, or leak. The Smart Meter app will be compatible with your PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone. To see an example of the “Eye on Water” report, click here.  This automation will eliminate the need to manually read your meters every month!

Please open this document and see how this system works. (PDF)


Trail Plans Announced

Commissioner Jack Cagle reviews the trail plans with Directors Larry Milberger &  Charles Fischer and with Katie Golzarri, the Landscape Architecture with Clark Condon.   As soon as all the County approvals are received, we will issue a request for proposal (RFP) to bid the project. Construction should begin in early 2020.

See complete information on the Trails System here.


In February 2019 two members of your five member MUD board toured the Independent Texas Recycling (ITR) facility which receives our recyclables via our collection contractor, Best Trash. ITR processes close to 200 million pounds of material per year. We learned many things some of which I will elaborate on in this memorandum but first some congratulations are due. Our recyclable material is some of the best received by ITR, containing only about 15% non recyclable material. This allows ITR to run more efficiently and process greater amounts of material on a daily basis. Great Job NWHCMUD5 residents!

When we supply high quality recyclables we allow ITR to run more efficiently, allowing them to hold down their operating costs. Prices fluctuate widely for recyclables. When the prices they are receiving for recyclables are high ITR increases profits but they can still break even when prices are lower. This in turn holds down the price that we as a MUD district have to pay for the pickup of our trash and recyclable materials. Think of recycling as a partnership between NWHCMUD5, Best Trash, and ITR that saves natural resources and helps keep the environment cleaner for all of us.

As I mentioned above the prices ITR receives for the recyclable material vary widely. What is physically recyclable may not be financially recyclable, depending on proximity to buyers. At this time cups, plates, packaging, and any other items made from styrene and styrofoam are not financially recyclable and simply end up in the landfill. These items should be placed in your trash can rather than in your recycle bin. Please recycle plastic bags at your local grocery store or place them in your trash. Plastic bags clog the recycling equipment causing downtime. They eventually end up in the landfill. Other non recyclables include both steel and plastic coat hangers. They are also major contributors to equipment downtime. Garden hoses, household batteries, mirror glass, light bulbs, and clothing are not recyclable.

The best materials to recycle are aluminum cans, plastic milk jugs, plastic bottles, newspaper, cardboard, and any other type of plastic container. Second tier recyclables are glass, mixed paper, waxed paper milk/juice containers, and steel cans. If possible, flatten all cardboard, cereal, and other types of boxes. This allows material to go through the recycling process more efficiently and lessens contamination during the pickup and transportation process.

Let’s continue to be good Recyclers by keeping our recyclables as free of contamination as possible. This will allow NWHCMUD5 to hold down fees and taxes. For more information visit www.nwmud5.com (Waste & Recycling tab) which contains a link to Best Trash for more recycling information.

NHCRWA video

We are a member of North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA)

NW MUD 5 participates in a regional water authority (RWA) whose mission is to reduce the use of well/ground water and increase the use of surface water. Reducing dependence on well water leads to a reduction in ground subsidence as required by Texas state law.  Districts are required to reduce ground water usage by 30% by January 2010 and 60% no later than 2025.

Al Rendl takes viewers on an 11 minute journey through the past, present and future of the NHCRWA. The video will be used in Authority outreach and education programs.

Increased Security and Protection

As we continue to grow in the District, the Northwest Harris County MUD 5 Board has increased the number of Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Deputies assigned to our 20 sub-divisions to ten.  Funding from the Northwest Harris County MUD 5 Board consist of two Sergeants, one Corporal, and seven Deputies who will be assigned to various shifts providing 24 hour 7 days a week coverage for our communities.  The increased number of Deputies will enable the Constables to be more proactive and prevent crime with greater visibility within our communities.  Since 2018, we experienced a 6% increase in calls for police services. 62% of the calls pertain to theft, burglary, and vehicle burglary.  Another 4% of the calls pertain to criminal mischief.
Please help reduce these statistics by locking your cars, closing your garage doors, and securing your valuables where they are not easily visible and are protected.  If you see something suspicious, please call the Constables.  Together we can make a safer community.

In an emergency, please call 911 or the Pct. 4 24 hour Dispatch phone number at 281-376-3472.

The local contact number is 281-927-6200 for the main office at 6831 Cypresswood Drive in Spring TX 77379.